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O.K. you’ve probably guessed by now that Mabel isn’t a real person. (Don’t tell her, she might get very, very angry.)

The stories are written and performed by Angela Howard, and recorded with the able assistance of John Rhodes, sound engineer, and either Jo Dobry or Angie Neville occupying the director’s chair. (Photos below).

And the good thing is that profits from sales of the CDs will go to charity.

Henry Fawcett Dodds tells us that the following announcement will be placed in the appropriate publications: Mrs Fawcett Dodds is pleased to announce the publication of "Not Going Quietly!", a book by Mrs Fawcett Dodds, facilitated by Angela Howard and illustrated by Rebecca Lee, on June 6, 2018. Our book will be launched at Hart's bookshop, 28 King Street, Saffron Walden, CB10 1ES, at six thirty in the evening. Hats will be worn. Light refreshments will be served. Questions may be answered.

Mummy made me put that bit. All the author's proceeds from the evening will be donated to the Food Bank Appeal to provide vouchers for fresh fruit and vegetables to people using the food bank - Henry Fawcett Dodds.

I have now heard
the first 3 episodes on the first disc. I just love it. It is wonderful material - woven together beautifully - and an enchanting performance.

Pat S.

We have all met an
elderly lady like Mabel
Fawcett Dodds ... but it
takes a real artist like Angela Howard to observe her subject's inner ghastliness so meticulously, and then to reproduce it for a
CD audience with such a
loving attention
to detail.

Dr Chris W.

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 The Tea Shop Scene 

Thank you for the wonderful CDs you sent us. We love them, and Chris’s friend, Philip, has transposed them onto one of his many gadgets.

Rozel B.

She comes with me when I drive to the village, sounding just like my Aunty Edwina sitting in the passenger seat!

S & W Orkney

We are loving Mabel
and hearing of her new adventures... I think they are beautifully performed and produced... I am doing drama examining which involves visiting schools all over North Yorkshire and always take Mabel with me. Whenever the phone
rings, I think it's
the car phone!

Margaret H.

Okay, I'm in the US, and we don't say "whilst," but, if one is listening while driving, it is best listened to when the traffic is clear! This is a funny, funny series.

Mikki A,
New Mexico

I keep meaning to say how much I'm enjoying Mabel. Really loving it. I play it over and over again in the car and am now something of an expert. In fact I can probably quote chunks.

Anthea de V.

Angela Howard
 Cheers, Mabel! 

Angela Howard,
writer & performer

Angela Neville, director
John Rhodes, sound engineer & editor
Doing the final edit in John's Studio

Jo Dobry, director
during a recording