Top secretSome Highly Intelligent Fans of Not Going Quietly! have Begun to Suspect that ... Mabel is not a Real Person but a Figment of the Imagination!

Here in this Highly Secret and Confidential File the Truth is Revealed!

It's all rather an anti-climax really. Sorry. The truth is that Mabel's Diaries are actually Written and Performed by Angela Howard. Disappointing, we know. But Life’s Like That Sometimes.

If you would like to Know a Little Bit More about Angela then Please Read On. If you Wouldn't, there's No Need to Bother. If you Still Believe in Father Christmas and would like to Continue to Believe in Mabel then Please Do!

Angelal Howard
I was born and have lived all my life in North Essex. I worked locally as a physiotherapist and stress management counsellor and have also been an adviser for the Citizens Advice Bureau and a bereavement visitor.


Drama and particularly play writing have been life-long interests, as have paranormal experience and life beyond death. I have written plays for Essex Audio Theatre and had readings and performances of my stage plays Gifts, Lottie's Choice and Charitable Acts at the Mercury Theatre, Colchester, Brentwood Theatre and with WriteOn, Cambridge. Gifts and Lottie's Choice both have a spiritual/psychic theme. Charitable Acts is about corruption in a national animal welfare charity.

I was married to Martin for twenty seven years. A month after he died from cancer, in 2003, I visited Paul Lambillion, a healer and spiritual counsellor who had given Martin healing. Paul became aware of Martin's presence, and an amazing three-way conversation took place.

In 2016 we successfully recorded Can This Be England? If you would like to hear it you can do so on the Essex Audio Theatre website.

A group of us performed a dramatized version of Not Going Quietly! on a couple of occasions. Cast and audience enjoyed themselves and we raised money for good causes. We had a lot of fun in rehearsals!

In 2017 I decided to make the first 6 episodes of Not Going Quietly! into an illustrated book. I found Rebecca Lee who has drawn the wonderful pictures and we got started. Rebecca had a baby girl not long into the project and so her hands have been very full, and progress has been slow. The book was finally printed in February 2019.

I am re-issuing the first six episodes on CD with a new cover insert which links it with the cover of the book. Some may like to listen as well as read!

I am now publicising the book and CDs, with the able assistance of my friend, Fee Berry. There was a book launch in Saffron Walden, Essex, on Thursday the 6th June at Hart's bookshop.



I founded the METAFIZZ! theatre company with Jean Donald. We wanted to put on plays that meant something (not just entertainment, although hopefully that too!) on any subject that was metaphysical – i.e. not concerning the physical part of our human condition; plays that would make people think, as well as giving them an enjoyable evening. We wanted to do this in a wholly professional manner as we both have experience in the theatre. The fact that we have both had psychic experiences was also a factor!

We wrote and performed evenings of sketches and short plays locally, and in 2011 Jean performed our one woman show Voices at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

In 2014 Jean's play about reincarnation Again and Again won best stage production (particularly for the writing), and best supporting actor for John Elson, in a local drama competition.

METAFIZZ! has run its natural course and the members of the group are now involved in other writing and productions.



I was a founder member of Essex Audio Theatre, formerly the Essex Hospital Radio group, Hosiprog. This group writes and records radio plays and has been in existence since 1994. During this time we have recorded over 60 plays which are listed on our website. Some of these can be listened to on the website. We ran into difficulties over copyright when using published plays, and unfortunately some of our best productions are no longer available for public distribution.

Members of Essex Audio Theatre recording a play
Members of Essex Audio Theatre
recording a play
Members of Essex Audio Theatre at a play reading session
Members of Essex Audio Theatre
at a play reading session
Members of Essex Audio Theatre at a play reading session
AGM March 2016. Our annual award goes to
Marian Neville for her part in ‘Uncle Ray’ by
Jackie Bartlett. You can hear it on the website



Can this be England
Jackie Bartlett, Angela Neville and
Angela Howard taking a bow after a
performance at Hartington Grove
Quaker Meeting, Cambridge

In 2014/15 I was involved, with three friends, in researching, writing and performing a play about the benefits cuts called Can This Be England?

The three of us, Jackie Bartlett, Angela Neville and myself call ourselves Show and Tell Theatre.

We each brought to the project our own experience of the terrible effects of the cuts on people with disabilities, and also on those who have to administer the system

Jackie had accompanied a friend through a successful appeal after her benefit had been cut. She was able to give a first-hand account of the distress which the process caused. I had experience of visiting a friend with M.E. who was facing possible cuts and filling in a huge form in spite of feeling extremely unwell and afraid for her future. We drew on these experiences in creating ‘Kate’ one of the two main characters in the play.

Angela Neville was able to make the greatest contribution to our knowledge of the system. She had worked at a Job Centre and been made redundant because the stress of enforcing the regulations had made her ill and she had taken too much time off work as a result.

Angela played ‘Abi’ the other main character. She was basically playing herself and drawing on her own experiences and feelings at an extremely difficult time in her life. To force herself to relive all this was extremely courageous.

Angela was interviewed by Mary O'Hara of The Guardian and the article appeared on February 4th 2015. In it Angela offered the play script as a free download to anyone who wished to read or perform it. The email addresses of all three of us were given, and suddenly our inboxes overflowed with emails from interested groups all over the UK and further afield. The Guardian website received over a thousand hits from concerned people. Often they had very distressing stories to tell.

Meanwhile, the three of us were invited to perform the play at four Quaker Meeting Houses in our area. The play ends with the words: “Do you have a story to tell?” Many in the audience certainly did, and appreciated the chance to share it in a discussion group following the play.

Our project for 2016 is to record a radio version of the play. Casting is taking place and I will update the website when the play is available to download.